Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To Compete or Not to Compete. That is MY Question!

I have been toying with the idea of competing in a bikini/figure competition for about 8 months now and with one of my besties wanting to compete as well as my husband...I am more seriously considering it. It would be sometime between Feb and May of 2014. There is a NPC competition in Austin, TX April 2014 called the Texas Shredder Classic. For this particular comp. the deadline to register, without an extra $50 fee, is March 25th. We would need to start prepping in January (12 weeks out) - This is not very far away. Especially with how fast the holidays seem to fly by.

My Current Core Situation - Not bad for all the indulging I've been doing honestly, but it can be better and I WILL tighten it up!


I'm a little worried about doing a competition for a few reasons
  • Binging afterwards and gaining a lot of weight - I would want to prep in a very healthy way. No cutting carbs to an extreme, no excess cardio, etc...
  • All the money that's involved - bikini, shoes, tan, jewelry, makeup, hair, nails, prep coach, posing coach, registration, lodging fees unless it was in the Dallas area.
  • The posing. The bikini posing is....well....awkward. You stick your butt out and bend over, I know it's to show off your muscles/toned legs and glutes, but I surely would not feel comfortable having any men in my family come and watch me do that!
  • I have stage fright....getting in front of a large audience isn't my most favorite thing to do.
So those are some of the reasons why I'm hesitant now and why I've always been hesitant.

I have reached out to a coach that represents a team that I admire and am waiting to hear back from him. Once I hear costs and whatnot for prepping and posing then I'll decide on whether I will be using a coach or just winging it myself.

I am not going to lie. If I do this I would be over the moon excited if I actually placed. I do not expect to place, not for my first rodeo. I think there is so much involved that I will not have experienced yet and that some girls will have experienced therefore giving them the upperhand. I could be wrong and I hope I am, but those are my thoughts.

I am totally OK with not placing seeing as I'm not expecting to, at least right now while i'm not even prepping or registered I can say that. Maybe once I take them leap I will feel differently.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have experience in competing? Any suggestions, tips, advice, etc..you can share?

I will leave you with 2 women that motivate the hell out of me. Both are mothers. Chady Dunmore is a 2 time PRO Bikini World Champ and Ashley Horner is a WBFF PRO as well as an ironman athlete! These women defy what society says a mother should be, do and look. They are amazing and my fitness inspirations!

 (Chady Dunmore)

 (Ashley Horner)


  1. You're the 3rd mama I've read about in the last week who has thought about doing this! I think its amazing! You should totally do it and you're abs are amazing!

  2. You should do it!!!!! I bet you would surprise yourself at how well you would do!!! I have never done one, and am trying to get to a healthy shape myself right now, but you are already there! You could do one tomorrow if you wanted!

  3. You look amazing and would totally rock this! Your determination and motivation are already obvious (duh, look at your body!) - this would be a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try something different! I hope you say yes, I'd love to read all about it (I've always been fascinated with this!)