Monday, November 11, 2013

Advocare Cleanse Results!

So I finished up phase 1 of the 24 day challenge Saturday and started phase 2 Sunday.

Things I'm loving: more energy, feeling lean, lean, lean, not craving my nightly sweets hardly at all, feeling more satisfied on less food, and I am mentally feeling stronger and happier.

I went into this challenge not because I had weight to lose, although I wanted to lose a little bit of fat, I went into this challenge wanting to get back on track with my clean eating and stop the vicious cycle that I had been in with eating well all week and ruining it on the weekend. And I feel like I have accomplished that so far, I feel like I am back in my clean eating groove and not feeling deprived - which was MY main purpose.

For those that have more weight to lose and who aren't familiar with eating clean, this is an AMAZING way to jumpstart that process. I will be sharing with you my results and then the results of my friend who did it right before me. She lost more weight, fat, inches because she was in a place where she needed to lose more starting out. She looks Fan-freakin-tastic!

Without further adieu....

Starting weight - Day 1 (sorry I cut out my feet, I forgot to wear socks and they were looking rough!)

Day 10

I lost 4.2 pounds! Not too bad seeing as I haven't even lost a dang pound in the past 2 months!

And here are my Pics! Not sure if you all can tell a difference, I know it may not look like much, but I have definitely tightened up and de-bloated.


So Phase 2 is going AMAZING!! I love that I'm getting fuller on less food because I seriously eat around the clock. I am constantly hungry which ends up leading me to make bad food choices eventually. My energy is through the roof which is helping with my happier mood! I plan on staying on the MNS Max 3 supplements for a while!

And I will leave you with a before and after pic of my friend who did the 24 day challenge!


Monday, November 4, 2013


So I'm on day 5 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, currently in the cleanse phase. It's going really well. I am feeling good, not getting bloated at all, feeling tighter and leaner as well as more energized. I am eating whole grains (Ezekiel bread, whole grain pasta), lot of fruit for my sweet tooth, lean meats and veggies. It's simple really.

I am LOVING SparkSlam, and Catalyst and I actually enjoy the fiber drink (I mix it with a splash of organic apple juice and water and it tastes like applesauce)

I highly recommend doing the 10 day herbal cleanse if you are not able to afford the 24 day challenge. It's only $31.50 and will give you a great boost to your weight loss!

I will be doing a post on Monday of my cleanse results for you all :) If you want to check out Advocare's products you can go to and browse around!

Moving on...

I took my NASM CPT exam on Halloween and passed!! I was so nervous because all I heard from everybody was how hard it was. I studied for nearly 5 months and I have to say, I don't feel like it was too bad. Maybe it's because I knew my stuff and studied my butt off? I thought it was pretty straight forward. Not to say it wasn't difficult, because it was, but I think I didn't have as hard of a time with it because I literally studied every single day over the past few months. 

I also launched my Personal Training Website and I am so happy with the way it turned out! I am now accepting online training clients, so browse around the site and make sure to check out the packages! I am beyond excited to help others Get and STAY healthy and fit. I don't advertise quick fixes and whoever does is not offering something that can be maintained long-term and is more than likely an unhealthy way to achieve your goals. Keep that in mind when searching for a personal trainer. Make sure whoever you choose has your best interest and health in mind! 

Happy Monday All!