Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I have decided to aid in balancing my eating as well as cleansing my body of the over-indulgences I've been participating in for a few months now that I will be starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Why I am choosing this route....

1. I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about Advocare products as well as success stories from people that I personally know. They swear by it and it has changed their view on food and how they eat. Their cravings are gone. They don't feel the need to eat junk and they don't feel deprived of any foods!

2. I need to get out of my vicious cycle that I have brought upon myself. Eat well all week long (for the most part) and go on a vacation from eating well over the weekend.

3. I need a kickstart back into a heatlhy, balanced lifestyle of eating

I will be starting Monday, October 28th (as long as my kit is in by then). I plan to cut out pretty much every single processed food for the first 10 days to really detox my body of the chemicals and make it more readily able to accept the vitamins introduced in the Max phase (reccommended by a friend)

I will be updating with results as often as I see them! If you are currently on this journey or want to start, DO IT! We can all be in this together! Contact me at and we can get you set up and ready to get your body to the next level!


  1. Hi! I've been following your instagram for awhile and recently your blog. I'm starting the 24 day challenge on Monday too! My package just came last night and I've been tempted to start early-but have a crazy busy weekend and want to be able to give 100% to this. Your pictures are such an inspiration to me!

  2. Yay!! Hope you love it as much as I do!