Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Full Body Fat Burner

I don’t have any pictures for today’s workout, but I can assure you it’s a full body fat burner! If you don’t know what a move is or how to perform it you can easily search on YouTube for a tutorial or you can Google image it. I will try to verbally explain a few of the ones you might not be familiar with below the routine.


Let’s get to it!


Circuit 1






Seated Stability Ball Hammer Curls



Curtsy lunge w/ bicep curls



Step up on riser into one leg deadlift




Circuit 2






Sumo squats on risers






One leg Stability ball bridge lifts




Circuit 3






Hack Squats



Leg Press



Front to wide bicep curls




*Sumo squats on risers – use two of the exercise steps with as many risers as you like. Put one foot on each riser and go down into a sumo squat holding one heavy weight in between your legs as you go down, this method allows you to go lower than you would be able to if you weren’t on the steps.


*Step up into one leg deadlift – using only one step with risers perform a step up and maintain balance as you let the weights pull you down into a one leg deadlift, come out of the deadlift and stand straight up and step back down. Repeat 10 each leg.


*21’s – do 7 full bicep curls (all the way up and all the way down), 7 half way up and all the way down, and 7 all the way up and half down.


This workout will definitely have you sweating and is a great replacement to your boring cardio on the treadmill for an hour! Plus you’ll burn more fat!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FitTip Tuesdays - Spice up Your Life

Cinnamon is a great additive when cooking, not only because it makes food taste that much better, BUT also because cinnamon has an abundance of health benefits!

• Cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol – this is especially beneficial for people with Type 2 Diabetes

• The scent of cinnamon helps to increase alertness

• Cinnamon provides antioxidants that create healthier arteries and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

• Cinnamon reduces pain linked to arthritis

•  Research has shown that cinnamon may reduce the proliferation of cancer cells

•  Cinnamon has been proven effective for menstrual pain and infertility due to it containing a natural chemical that increases the hormone progesterone and decreases testosterone production in women, helping to balance hormones

•  Cinnamon has the effect of thinning your blood, thereby increasing blood circulation. Increased blood flow generally boosts your metabolism which is why it may be helpful in weight loss

• Cinnamon is a warming agent, so mixed with an oil it is highly effective in relaxing and relieving muscle pain – you can add a few drops in your bath to sooth tired and achy muscles

• Cinnamon naturally kills athletes foot

•  Cinnamon oil is a natural bug repellant

•   If you are coming down with a cold, sore throat and/or cough and drink cinnamon tea or take a cinnamon stick within 5-10 minutes of the first signs of it, it is said to stop an impending illness in its tracks due to the anti-bacterial and warming properties

There are many more to add to the list, but these are the ones I find the most interesting!

You can add cinnamon to your food simply! I add it to my coffee, oatmeal, egg whites, greek yogurt, sweet potatoes and tea. The possibilities are endless!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Motivational Monday

I want to share with you all the progress of one of my hardworking clients! She has lost 4 lbs in ONE week putting in a lot of hard work not only in the gym, but in the kitchen as well. She is going after the body she wants and doing it in a healthy and maintainable manner and her body is loving her back for it!

I love working with clients who are so determined and willing to take on new challenges. You have to want to change more than you want to eat that piece of cake or slices of pizza. You MUST have a desire that comes from within and want it with a passion. The real changes come first in the way you think, the driving force behind your actions.

I get emails weekly of clients who are ready for change and who are determined to be healthy and fit. They send me progress pictures and updates and I feel so proud and blessed to be a part of their fitness journey. I know how good it feels to strive for a goal and reach or exceed it, and for that fire to burn within you to push yourself even further, harder, deeper.

The physicalness of being fit is only a small piece of the overall picture. There is so much more mentally and emotionally that is involved. Nobody can take away your hard work; the blood, sweat and tears you put into your workouts. Nobody can take away the dedication, sacrifice, and pride you feel when you finish a workout.

Being healthy is not a fad or a trend that will come and go. It will always be important for your longevity, emotional stability, physical health, mental health, etc…

Today is a brand new day filled with brand new possibilities! Take control of your life and your health and if anything, simply be active in some way for 30 minutes a day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Meal Prepping Part I: The Grocery List

(photo from tumblr)

Meal Prepping is extremely important for me if I want to stay on track with my meals and hitting my macros. It seems overwhelming at first, especially when you have no idea where to begin so I want to help you out! I want to make things a little easier for you to get started. It does get easier, you will get faster, and after a few weeks or so you will be whipping through it! I can get mine done in an hour or less usually.

First things first, you must make a grocery list of all the foods you will be prepping for the week. I meal prep only lunches (I eat 2 lunches a day) and sometimes I also use my meal prep food for dinner if I have nothing planned and there is extra.


1.      Since I work full time I generally don’t have the time to grocery shop during the week so my husband or I will continually add things we need to a free app on our phones called Cozi – it’s a family management system for to-do lists, shopping lists, and calendar appointments. Anything either of us adds can be seen by the both of us and you can check things off and delete them as you go. Very awesome! And one of us will do the shopping over the weekend


2.      Sundays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays are my two meal prep days for the week. I will make enough for my husband and I for about 2-3 days so things won’t go bad before we get to eat it.


3.      I buy in bulk – tilapia, frozen chicken breasts, shrimp, ground turkey, shrimp, and frozen veggies. I get all of these items from Walmart generally. They are not organic and are generic brands most of the time. I do, however, get low fat and natural foods if the option is available.



4.      Veggies I purchase from the produce section – Sweet potatoes, avocado, spaghetti squash, asparagus, zucchini, butternut squash, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach onion, etc… I don’t purchase every single one of these every week. I suggest picking a few for each meal prep, so you don’t cook it and have it go bad!

5.      Fruit I purchase from the produce section – Every single week I purchase blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Other fruits I purchase, just not every single week are watermelon, grapes, raspberries, apples, bananas (my company always has fresh apples and bananas for free every single morning or those would be a weekly purchase)

6.      Other foods that get purchased often are – tuna, whole wheat sandwich rounds, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, quinoa, brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo, spinach, turkey deli meat, whole grain noodles, peanut butter, questbars (can be purchased at GNC or online), almonds, eggs, egg whites, turkey pepperoni, low fat mozzarella string cheese, brown rice rice cakes, rolled oats, half and half, whole grain tortillas, cottage cheese, walden farms chocolate syrup, diced tomatoes (canned), Ezekiel bread, Frozen bags of veggies (nothing added to them),


7.      Seasonings – Pam, garlic, Italian seasoning, Mrs. Dash (all of them are awesome), Cracked pepper, sea salt, cinnamon, mustard, sriracha, truvia, all natural mustard


Now that you have a nice little grocery list, stay tuned for Meal Prepping Part II where I will share with you all just how I prep these foods for me and my husband’s lunches.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Chest and Triceps

I have a great Chest and Triceps Workout today for you guys! I used to never work chest because, hey I'm a girl and what did I need to work that muscle for? Well I decided to start incorporating it into my weekly workouts and it has now become one of my favorite days! I notice in tank tops that my upper pec muscles are more defined and I have to say I dig that shit! Here is a pic where I first noticed my chest exercises were paying off
So here's a nice little circuit for you all that is sure to have your chest and triceps burning and fatigued! I have a few pictures that my husband snapped of certain exercises and a short video below, but if you don't know a certain exercise you can click on it and a link will take you to a picture of it.
Circuit 1

3 Sets of 10-12

Circuit 2
3 Sets of 10-12
Circuit 3
3 Sets to failure
  • Cable Flyes


Decline Chest Press Video



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FitTip Tuesday: The Truth About Carbs

Let me explain something….carbs are NOT the devil. They are NOT bad for you, nor do they make you gain weight. So many people are confused on this and fear carbs, they fear eating them past a certain time at night and when trying to lose weight, it is generally the first thing cut from somebody’s diet.

When somebody wants to lose weight or gain muscle, carbs should make up the highest percentage of macros in their diet. (Remember macros are Fats/Proteins/Carbs). This means that the majority of a person’s calories should come from carbs.

Here’s a little math for you: 1 gram of carbs=4 calories, 1 gram of protein=4 calories and 1 gram of fat=9 calories.

For most moderately active adults, it is recommended you need between 45% and 65% of your calories to come from complex carbs which are your whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. For example a person on a 2000 calorie a day diet would need approximately 225 to 325 grams of carbs a day that is roughly 900 to 1300 calories from carbs a day. This will provide the necessary fuel for energy during your workouts and throughout the day.

Weight loss or gain is primarily related to calories in versus calories out, not the macro profile of the diet. You MUST be at a caloric deficit for weight loss. It is that simple.

Remember that long-term weight loss success is achieved by eating in a way that is maintainable, not one where you deprive or omit yourself of certain macros.

We all have a certain amount of calories we can eat without gaining weight. As long as we don’t exceed the amount of calories for our body composition, then we will maintain or lose weight. 

The amount of calories for our bodies to maintain weight is determined by our BMR (basal metabolic rate) which is simply how much our body burns just by being alive. You can get a good estimate of yours here

To figure out an estimated amount of calories you need a day to maintain your weight, lose weight, or even gain weight check out these websites as well

Monday, July 22, 2013

My First Post - How Do I Manage it All?

Hey Everybody! Welcome to my Blog, finally! Through my website I hope to share with you all answers to the many questions I get asked frequently on InstagramFitTips, Workouts, Meal Prepping, Planning, and Organizing, Healthy Eating and Healthy Recipes and so much more. This will be a place where I share with you knowledge from research, personal experience, trial and error, etc…

I also have a Family Page at the top that I will be updating seeing as it’s the MOST important aspect, after all!



One question I was told you all wanted to hear about was “Managing it All” or the delusion of managing it all rather!Family, working full time, and fitness.

I’m still trying to figure it out!

Honestly, it’s difficult. It isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever donethat’s for sure. All of the things mentioned above are important to me, therefore I plan them out and make time for each one.

Kids – I get about an hour in the mornings with the kids which I greatly enjoy. We talk, laugh, and do our morning routine. In the evenings I get about 2 hours with them, again we talk about the day, we might play a game or I might let them play on theipad/watch a show while I get things done at the house that desperately need attending to (laundry!!). I wish I had more time with them, but one thing I try to remember is QUALITY over QUANTITY and I make the most of the time we do get together. Things will be changing in this area in the next month or so and once everything is in place and I can make the announcement I will!

Husband – My husband leaves for work super early, sometimes 3:45 AM! So we do not see each other in the mornings often. We do, however, text and talk frequently throughout the day andwe get a little bit of time together in the evenings, but we both have so many chores to get done and things to get in order for the next work day that we don’t get the best quality time during the week. We make this up on the weekends generally and sometimes we are even inseparable! My husband is honestly my best friend, I know a lot of women say this about their spouse, but it’s true!  I am a huge caretaker and not being able to cook dinner for him and the kids each night has been one of my most missed and saddest things since going back to work.

Fitness – I so wish I could workout before work, but unfortunately it’s just not in the cards for me unless I wake up around 3:30 AM (ain’t happenin!!). So I get in 3-4 workouts in the evenings during the week from 5:00 to 6 or 6:15. I am usually tired and lower on energy than I am for a morning workout but I still get it done and I feel amazing and energized once I do. I also workout Saturday mornings and sometimes Sunday mornings if I only workout 3x during the work week. I get in 5 workouts a week generally.

Nutrition – I try to get my husband to grocery shop Saturdays while I’m out running other errands. I take my grocery ads to work on Friday and make a list with discounts and we use theCozi app to add the items to. Sunday I spend about an hour prepping our lunches for the week, I will do a post on meal prep soon which will include what I make and how.  The night before work I measure my snacks and lunches out and put them into containers and add the nutritional info (i.e. macros – fats, carbs,protein) into myfitnesspal for the next day. Once you get into a routine with this it just becomes second nature, although it may sound like a lot. Nutrition is really important to me and it should be to you as well because that is where the majority of weight loss and body alterations come from!