Thursday, October 31, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Day 1

I have officially started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and will post before and after pics of my body and my scale after the 10 day cleanse and again after the entire 24 days to give you all a look at what these amazing supplements can and WILL do for you!

If you are looking to join in on the challenge you can do so by going here - Please tag me in any progress pics on instagram @efitmama #EFMadvo24dc so I can follow your journey!

Here are some recent foods I've eaten since cutting out processed junk

half banana, berries, slivered almonds and chocolate PB2

Pork loin, half sweet potato, zucchini and squash

Chicken, asparagus, avocado, stir fry veggies, salsa

Gala apple, banana, chocolate PB2

Steak Fajita Bowl - lean steak, rommaine lettuce, corn, black beans, salsa, whole grain tortilla, bell pepper, diced tomatoes

Quick oats mixed with egg whites, cinnamon, and berries

I have been doing well with my eating since Monday, eating 95% non-processed foods. Today I cut out my coffee and creamer and start the supplements for the Cleanse Phase which are the Herbal CleanseSpark, and OmegaPlex

After the 10 day cleanse, I will allow myself a few beers one night (I have a Rihanna Concert in 10 days) and will get back on the next day starting the Max Phase of the Challenge.

I will be eating whole grains, as much fruit as I want, almond butter, lean meats, egg whites, unlimited veggies, lots of water just to name a few.

I am ready to kick some ass with this challenge and ready to feel and look the best I've ever looked!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Cooking - Meals for the Week

I start the 24 day Advocare Challenge tomorrow. On Halloween. Yes, I am totally aware of the timing of this. I had pleeeenty of candy last week at a local trunk-or-treat festival. I am so very excited that I have already started the food part of the challenge pretty much. I have been eating non-processed foods since Monday (minus the coffee and creamer I'm currently having, but starting tomorrow that's outta here!).

 If you are interested in doing the Advocare Challenge with me or want info on any of the amazing  supplements or products email me at

Anyways, here are the meals I have planned out for this week. I won't be doing any cheese or processed foods in these meals, so if the recipe calls for it I will either substitute if I can or leave it out all together. Enjoy!

Fresh Tomato Pasta

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Parsley, , Olive Oil & Parmesan Cheese
Wagon Wheel Taco Pasta Salad

Taco Pasta Salad

Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli & Rice

Easy Cheesy Spicy Creamy Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli & Rice with Rotel. Easy One-Dish Skillet Dinner. I will add sweet peppers and use green beans because my family won't eat cooked broccoli

Southwestern Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Ohhhh yum!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A heart to heart

Have you ever felt like you were just born to do something? Something that just comes so naturally and that you greatly enjoy? For me that is, first and foremost, being a mother. I can not even put into words how much pride and joy I take in my children (I'm sure all you mothers out there can relate!). It's such a strange feeling- to be all about yourself for so long and then in the blink of an eye your entire world is turned upside down and you can't even remember what it was like pre-kids. It's like that is some far away world that you can't ever get back to, nor do you want to!

I am such a care-taker which is why I feel that I was also made to be a personal trainer. I truly care about my clients, their results, their feelings, their goals. I want to be there for them. I want to answer questions and hold their hand when they are feeling low. But I also want to give them tough love when they need it and provide them with kick-ass workouts that leave them cursing my name :)

I have been reflecting so much lately. What is my purpose? What am I to do with the talent I have (I don't feel I have much! Haha!)? And then it hit me, while I was washing dishes and listening to my son read a chapter out of his take home book from his reading group in class. I am using my talent and my passions right now. They are not being wasted, and that sent the biggest sigh of relief through me.

I have a hard time with feeling like I'm not doing enough, I can always be better, do better. Not necessarily in the fitness aspect, at least that's not what I'm referring to here. But using what I have been given- knowledge, gifts, talents, education, etc..-to my fullest potential.

I love my job. I am a wife, a mother, and a personal trainer. And I am good at what I do because, to me, it's not a job- it's my life! It's who I am, what my bones are made of. And I want to spread my heart for these things to you all. I want this blog to be a space where you are able to find what you are looking for: Health, recipes, workouts, tips, motherhood, marriage, life. There are things that I'll be tweaking and changing up on here over the next couple months to make this blog just that!

I hope that you all find what it is that you are meant to do....and then DO IT! Don't waste time on questioning it. Have faith, jump, and don't look back!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

8 Week Fat Loss Program on SALE!

I am putting my 8 week fat loss program on sale for ONLY $15 until Tuesday! Read below for more info and to purchase!

This is a strategically designed fat loss program based on NASM's Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model that is scientifally structured to improve all functional abilities. This plan incorporates 2 phases for a methodical approach for fat loss.

Phase 2 will build off of phase 1 and you can expect to gain stabilization endurance, strength endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardiorespiratory endurance throughout this 2 month plan.

This is a 5 day a week plan that can be done at a gym and also has options for those who workout at home. Things you will need for completing this program at home is two sets of dumbbells, a stability ball, resistance band(s), and a jump rope.

Each exercise lasts around an hour to an hour and 15 minutes depending on YOU.

While there are no pictures, each exercise is more or less easily identified or can be looked up via, google image search, or

If you are looking for a program to reduce your body fat, while at the same time gaining strength, then look no further! This program will challenge and change your body! I would say this is more of an intermediate/advanced plan than a beginners plan, although you can always make modifications if you are a beginner and wanting to jump start your weight loss goals.

TO PURCHASE: Click on the add to cart button below the logo and once payment is made, you will find a link or be redirected to a link and able to download the program immediately. This is an excel file and you can view everything by clicking on each sheet at the bottom of the excel page.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I have decided to aid in balancing my eating as well as cleansing my body of the over-indulgences I've been participating in for a few months now that I will be starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Why I am choosing this route....

1. I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about Advocare products as well as success stories from people that I personally know. They swear by it and it has changed their view on food and how they eat. Their cravings are gone. They don't feel the need to eat junk and they don't feel deprived of any foods!

2. I need to get out of my vicious cycle that I have brought upon myself. Eat well all week long (for the most part) and go on a vacation from eating well over the weekend.

3. I need a kickstart back into a heatlhy, balanced lifestyle of eating

I will be starting Monday, October 28th (as long as my kit is in by then). I plan to cut out pretty much every single processed food for the first 10 days to really detox my body of the chemicals and make it more readily able to accept the vitamins introduced in the Max phase (reccommended by a friend)

I will be updating with results as often as I see them! If you are currently on this journey or want to start, DO IT! We can all be in this together! Contact me at and we can get you set up and ready to get your body to the next level!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dinners for the Week

I have been slacking on my cooking for a while now. That changes this week! I will be planning out my weekly dinners each week before I grocery shop and will be sharing what I choose, as well as the recipes, with you guys!

Each recipe was found on pinterest and they will be tweaked a little. To see the recipe just click on the recipe name

Roasted Veggies
-I added turkey sausage links to mine and cooked it in the crockpot

Roasted Herbed Veggies. Red potatoes, yellow bell pepper, green beans, zuccihin, carrots, onion. Toss w/olive oil, fresh thyme, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic. Roast at 450°F for 35-45 mins.
California Chicken, Veggie & Avocado Bowls (I will be using brown rice and cooking on stovetop)

California Chicken, Veggie, Avocado and Rice Bowls

Baked Spaghetti Squash

Pulled Pork Gyros

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Gyros
Chicken Fajita Bowls (I will be using Steak instead of chicken)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Balance and My Decision on Competing

I am working on balance in my life. Balance with food, mainly. I have decided to stop calculating my macros- I have been calculating since June I think- and I don't want to anymore. I want to have a healthy relationship with food and that means trusting myself and my body to make the right decisions on portions.

I am not saying that calculating your macros or counting calories is bad or unhealthy, because it isn't. In fact, it's needed for weight losss and specific fitness goals at times. I am not saying I have been eating unhealthy either. That is not the reason I am doing this. I have made the decision to just live, to not worry about eating a specific number of carbs, fats, and protein daily. I did just fine starting out and not worrying about these numbers and I want to go back to that place. I felt much more balanced then.

With this being said, I have also (for now) decided not to compete in a bikini or fitness competition. After much consideration and weighing the positives and the negatives- I have chosen to not move forward with it. Maybe someday I will change my mind, who knows, but for now this is where I stand with it:

1. It's A LOT of money - especially since my husband would be joining me if we did this. We would rather spend our money on our annual anniversary trip or family vacation.

2. I am working on a healthy relationship with food and this would cause me to regress. Competition prep is no joke, It takes so much hard work, calculating macros, and scientifcially changing your body to a state that is not maintainable. I think that would really mess me up. I don't think it would be fun for me to get down to that size and then have to gain weight back and possibly even binge after the show from being deprived for months. This is ME and my worries. I know some do just fine after and only gain 5-10 healthy pounds back, I just can't say that would be the same for me!

Those are my two main reasons for this decision. I have been thinking on it for about a week and talking it through with my husband and close friends. Maybe someday I can mark it off my bucket list but for now I am just going to live a healthy and fit life and work on becoming a better me daily!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To Compete or Not to Compete. That is MY Question!

I have been toying with the idea of competing in a bikini/figure competition for about 8 months now and with one of my besties wanting to compete as well as my husband...I am more seriously considering it. It would be sometime between Feb and May of 2014. There is a NPC competition in Austin, TX April 2014 called the Texas Shredder Classic. For this particular comp. the deadline to register, without an extra $50 fee, is March 25th. We would need to start prepping in January (12 weeks out) - This is not very far away. Especially with how fast the holidays seem to fly by.

My Current Core Situation - Not bad for all the indulging I've been doing honestly, but it can be better and I WILL tighten it up!


I'm a little worried about doing a competition for a few reasons
  • Binging afterwards and gaining a lot of weight - I would want to prep in a very healthy way. No cutting carbs to an extreme, no excess cardio, etc...
  • All the money that's involved - bikini, shoes, tan, jewelry, makeup, hair, nails, prep coach, posing coach, registration, lodging fees unless it was in the Dallas area.
  • The posing. The bikini posing is....well....awkward. You stick your butt out and bend over, I know it's to show off your muscles/toned legs and glutes, but I surely would not feel comfortable having any men in my family come and watch me do that!
  • I have stage fright....getting in front of a large audience isn't my most favorite thing to do.
So those are some of the reasons why I'm hesitant now and why I've always been hesitant.

I have reached out to a coach that represents a team that I admire and am waiting to hear back from him. Once I hear costs and whatnot for prepping and posing then I'll decide on whether I will be using a coach or just winging it myself.

I am not going to lie. If I do this I would be over the moon excited if I actually placed. I do not expect to place, not for my first rodeo. I think there is so much involved that I will not have experienced yet and that some girls will have experienced therefore giving them the upperhand. I could be wrong and I hope I am, but those are my thoughts.

I am totally OK with not placing seeing as I'm not expecting to, at least right now while i'm not even prepping or registered I can say that. Maybe once I take them leap I will feel differently.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have experience in competing? Any suggestions, tips, advice, can share?

I will leave you with 2 women that motivate the hell out of me. Both are mothers. Chady Dunmore is a 2 time PRO Bikini World Champ and Ashley Horner is a WBFF PRO as well as an ironman athlete! These women defy what society says a mother should be, do and look. They are amazing and my fitness inspirations!

 (Chady Dunmore)

 (Ashley Horner)

Monday, October 14, 2013

eFitmama's Workout Program

I am realeasing my very first ebook of my very own personal workout program.

What's included: Types of Warm-Ups, Important Terminology, 4 week workout program consisting of 5 days a week broken down into 2 cardio days and 3 weight training days, and a sample meal plan

This program is not made for home workouts, although many of the exercises can be done at home - you could always change the ones that can't and add an exercise in its place.

This program is not for those just starting out in the weight room or with lifting weights. I have been weight training for 2 years now and this program reflects that.

If you purchase this ebook and follow this program please tag me on instagram @efitmama with the hashtag #efitmamaWP so I can see your progress!

I am very proud of this ebook and feel that you will enjoy using these workouts for your personal program to make lean gains, shed body fat, and take your exercise regimen to the next level!

Go to to purchase

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How I come up with my workout routines

Instead of posting a workout today for you all, I decided I would let you in on my split routine for weights and cardio - what body parts I hit together and on what days and how I come up with the exercises.

Mondays - Chest and Triceps - I work these two muscle groups together because they are synergistic muscles meaning they compliment each other when they contract. Basically killing two birds with one stone in a sense.

Tuesdays and Thursdays - Cardio - I change up my cardio weekly, just as I do with my weight lifting exercises. This is decided on how much energy I have that day, what I did the past week and what my goals with my body are for that week/month. If I have extra energy I will do HIIT - sprint intervals, bike intervals, or tabata. If I'm lower on energy I will do steady state cardio - no high intensity and move to a couple different machines.

Wednesdays - Biceps, Shoulders, and Back because again these are synergistic muscle groups. This is one of my favorite days, I love having toned arms!

Fridays - Leg Days! Depending on what I worked the week before and what my goals are with my legs/butt for the month - the certain muscle groups worked can change weekly. For instance - hamstrings and quads one week or glutes, calves and hamstrings one week, etc etc...I will also add in some plyometrics inbetween sets when I'm wanting to lean out my legs more (which I currently am)

Saturdays - These are my free days - If I had to miss a workout during the week (sickness, appointments, etc...) I will make up whatever day I missed. If I made all my workouts for the week but decide to also workout Saturday then I do whatever I feel like doing. I don't feel as pressured this day. Lately I've been doing extra cardio  and adding in a couple crossfit exercises with weights.

I work abs every day that I am at the gym, it's part of my warm-up. I do 5-10 minutes only.

The way I choose what exercises I am going to do for each workout is through many different avenues. Instagram, pinterest, googling, past workouts. I like to switch up my routines every single week. This is NOT necessary, so don't feel like you have to do that to see results. Generally your routine should be changed up every 3 to 4 weeks and you can change just the acute variables (weight, sets, reps, tempo, intensity, rest intervals, etc) and not the exercises themselves.

Anyways, since I switch mine up every single week I am always writing down what I do to be organized, I will look up exercises the night before, if it's new to me, I will also look up form and how to perform it. After the workout routine is finished, I will make note of what my calorie burn was (according to my polar FT7 watch) and if it was a good workout (to me) or one that I would rather not repeat - I jot this down in my fitness journal below

Throughout the week if I see cool exercises I want to try via instagram mainly, I will jot it down and add it to my workout for that specific day.

Being organized is KEY! You will waste less time which means your workout will be more efficient. You will be able to get through your routine in minimal time and keep your heart rate up. I challenge you to start writing down (or putting in your phone) your exercise routine the night before if you aren't already. You will be amazed at how much easier it will make your fitness life!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Favorites

Ahh, the first day of October! It's beginning to feel like Fall around here, especially in the mornings and I LOVE it!

I think I'll start doing a monthly favorites post the first day/week of each month. I have a feeling lots of favorite things will have to do with food. Oops!

1. White Chocolate Raspberry Questbar! This protein packed bar is AMAZING. So damn good. I am not kidding, please do yourself a favor and try one out if you haven't already. Only 1g of sugar and all 'clean' ingredients!

2. Aquage Finishing Spray - freakin' awesome and working wonders on my hair! I have been trying to revive my damaged hair for some time now and this product has helped it tremendously! I use it after I dry my hair and before I flat iron it or use a curling iron on it.

3. Joseph's Lavash Bread - I can not tell you enough how amazing these tortilla/wrap type breads are! First of all they are HUGE! I usually only eat half of one which is just 50 calories and only 7g of carbs! I make veggie quesadillas, breakfast, lunch and dessert wraps, I even put some peanut butter on it and tear it into pieces and mix it into my egg whites with truvia, cinnamon and sugar free syrup for a delicious low carb breakfast! TRY THESE if that is the only thing you take away from this post!

4. OPI you don't know jacques nail color - Perfect for Fall - in fact I get a new one each year and go through the entire bottle in 3 months. I love this color that much. I also get compliments left and right when I wear this color!

5. Ralph Lauren Avaiator Sunglasses - I got these back in April or May but am so in love with them. I can't get enough! They are perfection and my only 'expensive' pair of sunglasses i've ever owned. Now I see what the fuss is about!


And there you go! Some of my favorite things for the Fall - really for any time!