Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's Going On Wednesday

Switching up my normal "Workout Wednesday" Posts to talk about life and for a photo dump from my phone...we all like those, no?

We got through Hayden's first week of school, and he did so awesome just as I expected! He really does love school! We also got him signed up for flag football! He has been begging us to play for a while now. We were going to sign him up for it at the beginning of the summer, but he broke his arm. The fall will be so much better....and cooler :)

Adalyn started a new dance class last night - Hip Hop and Jazz! I always wanted to be in dance growing up and for whatever reason I never was, so I will live vicariously through Addy in a non-dance mom kind of way (or so I hope!!)

We had a really great weekend. Friday night I had a girls' happy hour, Saturday we went swimming at my mom's where we had the house/pool to ourselves then ate at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Can you believe my husband has NEVER had their food before? Crazy! Sunday I got up and cleaned for nearly 4 hours, I have been slacking a little so it was nice to get that done. Later that afternoon the hubby and I went on a little movie date where we saw 'We are the Millers' It was very funny!

Monday - Labor Day we went to my father-in-law's for dinner and that sums up our holiday weekend.

I will leave you with photos from my iphone that never made it to instagram! Happy Humpday!

(concert selfie)

(she gets in front of the camera all the time!)

(happy hour outfit)

(very flexible MAN stretching in the squat rack)

(loaner truck we had that I very much so enjoyed driving, with a loud exhaust, remote start, and it was so roomy!)

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  1. My little guy Kannon started flag football practice this week. He looks so cute out there with his gear. He's too big!!! Never had Texas Roadhouse??? That's not american! LOL :)