Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meal Plan - Week 4

Meal Plan for the week of September 23rd-29th is available for purchase and immediate download for ONLY $5 along with the meal plans for weeks 1-3! They will be on sale until Monday the 23rd - You can purchase them separately for $5 each or purchase all 4 for a total of $20!

Week 4's plan has a calorie range of 1615-1790 and includes the macros for each meal (6 meals a day) so you can adjust to fit your macros and your personal fitness goals.

Each meal is simple and a grocery/shopping list is included with each plan weekly.

You can purchase this plan as well as the others by going to the Workout Plans tab at the top of my blog page (you can be sent directly there by clicking on the highlighted words) or you can purchase the week 4 plan only, by clicking on the add to cart button below!

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