Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fit Tip Tuesday: Setting Goals

Today I wanted to share with you all what helps to keep me on track with my workouts and eating healthy - really anything in life.

I will preface this by saying it's not always easy and it takes effort, effort that I have been lacking in the past few weeks. But that all changes and it changes right NOW!

Making goals and actually writing them down help me a lot! Currently my goals are to cut out the snacking/junk food eating and to not have a 'cheat meal' for at least 10 days. I want to do this to lose a couple pounds and tighten my core up BUT also to get over the need for sugar daily. I love sweets to the moon and back and my cravings have crept up on me and have left me feeling out of control.

Once I jot my goals down, I then think of a realistic approach to get me there. I like to focus on short-term goals and for me that is usually one or two weeks away. For the goals mentioned above, I believe I can realistically drop 2 pounds a week over the next two weeks and that I can cut my sugar craving down by getting it out of my system (this is where the no cheats/snacking/junk food eating comes in)

I'm going back to the basics. Back to what I know without a doubt works for ME and that is 'clean eating' - this term has been getting a bad rep lately with all of the "if it fits your macros" talk going on. I believe in both ways honestly. I believe doing what you are able to manage and balance without it becoming an obsession and without it becoming overwhelming. I love being able to eat "unclean" foods and fitting them into my macros but I think that is where I have become out of control with my sweets, so for now I need to pull back and make things simple for myself. Chicken, fish, tuna, veggies, berries, greek yogurt, almonds. Just to name a few. I don't need the pressure of tracking my every food intake all day. It's time consuming and tedious (for me).

So now that I have my goals down on paper with my approach - and it's all in writing - I feel like I have taken a positive step in the right direction. There is something about getting it down on paper, admitting that you need to make changes, that lifts a burden off your shoulders.

I challenge you to write one to two short-term goals down on paper today and underneath each, write down how you are going to realistically reach those goals. Then Just Do It.

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