Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workout Wednesday: 30 Minute Home Circuit

Today I did a little workout in my garage and didn't make it to the gym because my husband took my car to work today. He wrecked his Friday and it's currently in the shop - this is a whole post in itself!! BUT not today :)

So since I am pretty much stuck at the house sans vehicle today, I came up with a little WOD you can do at home OR the gym. I might have some equipment that you don't have, so I will put in modifications for those things.



Roll Outs - This is the little ab wheel in the above picture, you can purchase one for under $15 OR you can substitute using a stability ball or barbell. Perform these on your knees

Kettle Bell - pictured above, these can be pricey so if you don't have one and don't plan on purchasing one you can use a dumbbell as shown in the video below

Box/Aerobic Step - pictured above, these too can be pretty pricey. I found this set through Craigslist for $10 but you can use any sturdy bench type of equipment that is fairly low to the ground OR you can subsitite Sumo Squat Jumps instead

Box Side Shuffles - these are shown in the video below, again if you don't have a box/aerobic step you can just perform side shuffles on the ground

Sumo Box Jumps and Dumbbell Swings
Box Side Shuffles
And there you have it! A great, quick home or gym workout you can perform with little equipment and mostly bodyweight! Torch some calories today!


  1. I'm all over those shuffles!!

  2. I so just use a dumbell for my "Kettle bells":)

  3. This is awesome! My wife has been looking for different 30 minute home workouts in the mornings, and I think she would really like this. Thanks for sharing!