Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Facts About Me

Since I can’t do too much posting until I’m working from home, since blogger is blocked at the office I’m at, I thought I would do a post on just some random facts about me! Enjoy


·My favorite junk foods are pancakes, pizza, and ice cream – not necessarily in that order!


·I absolutely LOVE the way it feels to have a clean house – I feel so accomplished and my stress and anxiety lowers….for a day or two



·I love gambling….well mainly roulette….I can see how people can become addicted!


·I haven’t had any form of soda in over a year and a half



·I am a very easy-going person, therefore easy to get along with. I don’t like confrontation nor do I have energy for it


·My husband and I are obsessed with Big Brother! Amanda needs to GO – Am I right or am I right??!



·My Dad and I have birthmarks on our backs in the exact same spots


·I like rap music….a lot! It’s the only thing I’ll workout to and it’s the most played music in my car. My husband hates it so of course I’m dragging him to the Lil Wayne concert next Friday :)



·I make up songs about everything – in regards to my kids. For instance, we sing a made-up song while brushing teeth, when I ask them how much they love me I sing a tune….I get this from my Mother and I admit It’s very weird! When she does this I look at her like she’s gone crazy – kind of the way my husband looks at me when I do it!!

I am an extremely accepting person and also very open-minded. I like to hear people’s side of things and try not to judge too soon


·I want a third child but my husband does NOT. I’m hoping I can get him on the baby-makin bandwagon in the next couple years! ßHe is going to kill me!



·I can be very shy when I first meet somebody where as my husband is the exact opposite. He is not shy AT ALL. It’s good to balance each other out in this way I think


·When growing up, the neighbor who lived across the street set his house on fire (we didn’t know that it was him at the time) – he ran to our house with his baby in his arms screaming for us to call 911. We also later found out that he drowned his wife right before this and dropped her body in the lake. I’m guessing he is in prison still…



·My two favorite drinks from Starbucks are iced skinny cinnamon dolce lattes or skinny cinnamon dolce fraps. YUM!


·We will probably end up moving towards East Texas (country) before long – my husband wants land  - I have fought him tooth and nail on this over the years but have recently given in


There you have it! Some random, useless non-sense that I’m sure you were just dying to know J






  1. RAP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! and my husband is not a fan either;)

  2. Love a clean house, am very shy at first and those are my favorite starbucks drinks too!

    And wait..go back....that neighbor story?? THAT IS CUH-RAZY right there!?!

  3. Thank you! Amanda needs to go, she is getting crazier by the second! Also, can someone please smuggle a note to Jessie and tell her to wear some longer shorts. Please!

    I grew up in East Texas, about 20 minutes from Longview!

  4. Yes about Amanda! I am hoping for a miracle tonight.

    Instead of East TX, How about outside of Houston so we can be friends. ;)

    So CRAZY about your neighbor growing up. And scary!

    No soda here either.

    Happy Thursday!

  5. I thought Amanda was funny at first now I'm like OMG gooooo!!!!

  6. I am with ya on Amanda - got to go!! we are very alike in many ways for sure!!