Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Chest and Triceps

I have a great Chest and Triceps Workout today for you guys! I used to never work chest because, hey I'm a girl and what did I need to work that muscle for? Well I decided to start incorporating it into my weekly workouts and it has now become one of my favorite days! I notice in tank tops that my upper pec muscles are more defined and I have to say I dig that shit! Here is a pic where I first noticed my chest exercises were paying off
So here's a nice little circuit for you all that is sure to have your chest and triceps burning and fatigued! I have a few pictures that my husband snapped of certain exercises and a short video below, but if you don't know a certain exercise you can click on it and a link will take you to a picture of it.
Circuit 1

3 Sets of 10-12

Circuit 2
3 Sets of 10-12
Circuit 3
3 Sets to failure
  • Cable Flyes


Decline Chest Press Video




  1. This is such an awesome workout! I've been looking for new ways to work my upper bod! Thanks :)

  2. Hi Erica! I just read your post on Skinnymeg's blog & just had a quick question for you. Did you notice a difference in delivering your son vs. your daughter since you had done more exercise being pregnant with your daughter?

  3. I found you via SkinnyMeg and look forward to following your blog. :-)

  4. I've been looking for awesome arm workouts so thank you for sharing!

    I actually found your blog/instagram a few days ago and then I saw you on SkinnyMeg today! I can't wait to read and learn more from you! I've been pretty interested in learning more about IIFYM so I'd love to see how that fits into your life.